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For eleven years we've made it simple - we'd invite the best maestros and most popular DJs to shine in the most beautiful places ... for you. That's our history.

The festival is in Ljubljana's finest hotel, a 100+ years old Grand Hotel Union, and in Festivalna dvorana - a dance hall built by Slovenia's famous architect Plečnik. All venues have wooden floor, professional sound and light.

We are in the center of Ljubljana - a charming, pleasant, just-the-right-size capital of Slovenia.

The festival is just-the-right-size too. There are enough new tango friends to keep you interested while the atmosphere remains intimate.

Out motto is buena onda, good vibrations. This year we're especially convinced we'll vibrate love-ly.

What's new?

Chicho and Juana are giving a seminar on communication.
Juana gives a woman technique workshop.
Live bandoneon in two classes by Nick and Diana.

All afternoon milongas are in beautiful and big Festivalna dvorana.
There's a new package for afternoon milongas.

We have an after-party on Sunday.