seminar by Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda

When Chicho started to dance, tango technique simply didn't exist. He discovered his own technique, based on the most natural communication between two dancing bodies. It almost seems that with Juana, the couple has reached perfection. But they continue to discover, learn, and improve.

The seminar by Chicho and Juana is dedicated to tango communication and stucture. If anyone in the world can teach this, it's them!

The seminar is a unique opportunity to learn how to communicate in tango. The seminar consists of 4 classes of 90 minutes of intensive work. Working with the same group of enthusiast for 6 hours allows maestros to gradually develop the material and induce changes in students.

The seminar lasts from Thursday to Sunday. On Thursday we are in Grand Hotel Union, and the other three days the seminar will be in the huge ballroom of Festivalna dvorana where we can mooooove.

It is not possible to book only one class - as with any true passion, it's an all or nothing affair.