photo by Jean Pradeau

Musicality lecture
by Claudio Coppola
just before SatuRday afternoon milonga

Saturday, November 10
14.00 - 15.30 - LECTURE (LISTEN ONLY)
15.30 - 20.00 - MILONGA (DJ Claudio Coppola)

An inspiring, musical Saturday afternoon by DJ Claudio Copolla:

Theme: "orquestras’ style: listen differently to feel differently, to dance differently"

Claudio is one of the most famous djs in tango. He dances since 2003 and djs from 2009. He is touring the world from Tokyo to Buenos Aires and Ljubljana. AND HE HAS A BRILLIANT MUSICALITY.

During the lecture he will combine his skills of a dancer, musician and a DJ in order to make us listen and feel the differences in tango music - to dance differently.

This will be a sit & listen lession, no dancing, followed by the afternoon milonga with, well.... him - the first chance to dance our new feelings.


10 eur (for dancers with pre-paid milonga)
20 eur lecture + milonga (14.00 - 20.00)
13 eur milonga only (from 15.30)

Paid and the door (only).